“Faeries, come take me out of this dull world,
For I would ride with you upon the wind,
Run on the top of the dishevelled tide,
And dance upon the mountains like a flame.” 

I had the great fortune of being able to try a series of photos that I have had in my head for some time now. Dancers in silhouette on the beach at sunrise. This past Saturday morning two beautiful young women met me for an early shoot and I got some great results. The light that I was using is of course short lived as the sun quickly breaks so time is always limited at that hour. I am happy with the result but looking forward to the chance to shoot them again with a different lens (not the wide lens I used this time) and some other ideas.

I am sharing several different photos. I enjoy the sense of freedom and movement. I am not a dancer myself so can only delight in watching and capturing those who have such a gift.