0W7A2007w2 I am finally playing catch up and posting photos from my week at The Wild Horse Sanctuary in Shingletown California. It was a wonderful week tracking and photographing the horses. The light proved to be a challenge most of the week with heavy clouds and flat light, not the low morning and evening glow I had hoped for, but I didn’t let that stop me. I am going to post a few of my favourites from each day there. This is so hard to do. Hard to pick. Also I took thousands of photos and haven’t really scratched the surface yet as to what I have. These are just a few that stuck in my mind when I shot them so thy are the first to be looked at.

These are all from last Friday. I spent a total of eight hours on foot hiking in the mountains tracking horses and shooting. I was tired by the end but such peace it brings to be walking and shooting and coming across these groups.